Schedule an Appointment with Tax-Aide New Hampshire
Tuesday, November 24, 2020 05:17
The self-service scheduler is not available at this time. Please contact us regarding appointment information.

Free tax preparation is available to all ages and occupations

Households with income over $69,000 can only be served by sites with a ‘+’ after the location

Only one federal return (and related state returns, if applicable) per appointment.


  • If married, it is preferable for both spouses be present
  • Original or photocopy of social security cards for taxpayer, spouse, if married, and any dependents being claimed
  • Picture ID for taxpayer and spouse (must be a Driver's License, or state issued ID Card, or other official document)
  • All W-2's for all places worked in previous year
  • Prior year tax return if applicable
  • Routing number and bank account number for direct deposit

If applicable, bring:

  • If you’re not sure, bring it! We’ll be happy to review it.
  • Copies of any 1099's issued to you or you spouse (including social security!)
  • Form 1095A if you received purchased insurance via
  • Bank account interest year-end statement
  • Student loan interest statement
  • Proof of child care expenses paid (statement from provider with EIN # or Social Security #)
  • Statement of post-secondary education tuition expenses paid
  • Any other documents related to your previous year taxes.
  • Copies of last year's mortgage interest statements (including any points paid)
  • Real estate taxes paid statement
  • Proof of charitable donations
  • Statement of work-related expenses
  • Auto registration
  • Receipt of tax preparation fees paid last year
  • Statement of safe deposit box fees
  • Statement of union dues paid
  • Any other statements of allowable itemized deductions
  • If small business owner: Proof of income and expenses (in writing). Self-employed with more than $25,000 in expenses cannot be served.

    Returns cannot be filed with rental income, self-employed individuals with employees

    Other limitations of scope may apply to your circumstances, an appointment is not a guarantee we can prepare your return.