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The features of our easy-to-use online appointment scheduling software deliver
powerful benefits to your business.

And there are countless ways to customize it to suit your precise business needs!

Features that make scheduling a breeze


Cloud-based SaaS scheduler
Because your EZnet Scheduler is hosted in our secure cloud server, there is nothing for you to install, configure, update or maintain. We do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


Drag-and-drop appointments
EZnet Scheduler enables you to drag and drop appointments, scale the length of appointments, create recurring appointments, color code your scheduler plus much more.


3-level scheduling
Schedule your appointments on 3 levels: tasks, stations and resources. EZnet Scheduler is fully customizable, so you can label them anything you like (e.g. - lessons, classrooms, teachers; services, trucks, technicians, etc.)


Unlimited text and email reminders and notifications
Reach your client with unlimited email and text message notifications and reminders. Our notifications can be triggered on a variety of actions with fully-customizable messages. And did we mention that they’re FREE?


Schedule Unlimited appointments
Other schedulers limit the number of appointments you can schedule in any given day, week, month or year. EZnet Scheduler doesn’t! We give you the freedom to schedule any number of appointments you need. No limitations ever!


Book multiple appointments per time slot and easily manage overlapping appointments
EZnet Scheduler enables you to book overlapping appointments, multiple appointments per time slot, and group appointments.


Color-coded appointments
EZnet Scheduler enables you to color code appointments and calendar columns for easy viewing.


Access EZnet Scheduler on all devices
Use EZnet Scheduler on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (Apple/Windows/ Android)


Create and view blocked-out times
Block out times in your Scheduler for special occasions, days off, sick days and any special company events.


View cancelled appointments
View cancelled appointments in real time. They automatically show up in your calendar as being available for scheduling again.


Manage multiple offices & staff
Schedule multiple offices on a single scheduler. Appointments can be assigned to multiple staff members.


Live status updates
View scheduled, changed and cancelled appointments in real time so you and your staff never miss a beat.


Create custom form fields
Create custom fields to intake all needed appointment information so you can route appointments to appropriate personnel. The added bonus is an extra level of personalization for your customers.


Automated phone call notifications with interactive options
For customers who prefer phone contact, send fully-customizable, automated voice messages to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments, all of which can be accomplished via the interactive menu. Your scheduler will automatically reflect the appointment status in real time, and cancelled appointment time slots will appear as once again available.

Features to fit your company size and industry


Adaptable for companies of all sizes
EZnet Scheduler customers come in all sizes, from the smallest solopreneur to Fortune 500 companies. Our scheduler is designed to scale and expand with your business growth.


Adaptable for all industries
Our scheduler is fully adaptable to any industry, and we currently serve more than 30. Our unique features enable you to configure our software for a custom fit with your business model and setup is easy with our pre-designed, customizable templates.

Features for customer relationship-building


Send client satisfaction surveys
Show your customers that you value their opinion of your business by using EZnet Schedulers’ built-in customer satisfaction survey tool.


Accept credit card payments
Get paid faster by enabling customers to prepay with a credit card through EZnet Scheduler's secure, reliable processing that works with any payment gateway.


Save customer data
Save and manage your customer information for easy, all-in-one-place access. Run reports, view customer history and much more.

Features to optimize your operations


Create invoices & work orders
No need for other software products to generate invoices and work orders. EZnet Scheduler has both features to streamline your work flow.


Manage resources
Easily route resources according to customer needs and your employees' skill sets.


Robust reporting
Extensive reporting functionality. Filter, group and export your data for convenient use and access.


Export and integration
We provide a flexible export option, which allows data integration with practically any program or device.

Features to keep your business safe


Staff & client logins
Designate separate account logins for your staff and clients. You can also set advanced security and access levels.


Data security
We utilize an SSL Encryption System to protect your and your clients’ data. Your data is backed up and handled with ultimate care.


User access restrictions & customizable user roles
Have multiple users? No problem. Need them to see only their own schedule? No problem. Want them to have only particular capabilities within the scheduler? We've got that, too! We have multiple account roles from Read Only to Admin and everything in between.

Features to make your budget happy


Choose monthly or annual billing
All of our plans can be billed either monthly or annually. The choice is yours. We’ve built impressive savings into all of our annual billings to help you reduce expenses.


FREE scheduling time
The choice is yours: Buy a subscription now and get the second month (30 days) free, or give our scheduler a test drive before you buy—get.

And as if that’s not enough… More features!


Integrates with Google, Facebook, Shopify, Wix and Wordpress. Need more integrations? Ask us about our custom API solution.


Custom features
Don’t see a feature or function you need? Let us know! Chances are, we are already working on it! Our development team will be happy to tailor your Scheduler to your specific needs.

We can customize your Scheduler
with your logo and brand colors.



Meet consumer demand for appointment self-scheduling
Enable your customers to self-schedule appointments 24/7—whenever it’s most convenient for them to do so and watch your after-hour sales go up.


Reduce no-shows
Research has shown that consumers are more likely to keep appointments they have been able to self-schedule and confirm.


Reduce labor costs & boost staff productivity
Reduce your labor costs and free up your staff’s time by automating the appointment scheduling, confirmation, notification and reminder process.


Save money
With our easy-to-use scheduler, you will never miss an appointment again! Eliminate double booking, track your resources and reduce no-show appointments.


Improve staff communication
Multiple staff members working on the same project? They can leave notes on appointments and receive notifications when parts of the project have been completed.


Everywhere you go, you can take EZnet Scheduler with you
Change in plans? On the run? Out of the country? No problem! EZnet Scheduler enables you and your customers to schedule, confirm or change appointments from any device—anytime, anywhere.


Turn your website traffic into paying customers
Connecting with customers via an appointment scheduling button or pop up on your website, social media pages or emails enables you to close the sale while customers’ interest is piqued.


Increase repeat business with recurring appointments
Retain customers by scheduling recurring appointments and sending automatic confirmations and reminder text messages, emails or phone calls—whatever customers prefer.


Retain customers through satisfaction surveys and reviews
The best way to encourage customer trust is to afford them a way to give you honest feedback that you’ll actually see and read via our built-in customer satisfaction survey tool.


All EZnet Scheduler subscriptions, including our 15-day free trial, come with a complimentary setup session. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll be using EZnet Scheduler like a pro!

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