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About Us

Founded by Jerry Stabler, a 30-year veteran of the telecommunications and cable television industries, EZnet Services, Inc. is a software and digital business asset development company that was one of the first to develop and market SaaS (software as a service) with its flagship product, EZnet Scheduler®. Now, EZnet brings the power of EZnet Scheduler to Covid vaccination with its special-edition EZcovid Scheduling. Built specifically to power the vaccination process, EZcovid Scheduling is the perfect choice for vaccination scheduling in healthcare organizations of all sizes.

EZnet Scheduler®, a cloud-based, online appointment scheduling program, debuted in 2012 as one of the first SaaS services on the market at a time when barely anyone knew what SaaS was. EZnet Scheduler makes appointment scheduling fast, easy, and affordable for healthcare organizations and point-of-care facilities tasked with managing the Covid-19 vaccination process. It is fully adaptable and customizable, and it requires no additional software.

EZnet Scheduler integrates flawlessly with your existing technology infrastructure and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing website to provide vaccination recipients and healthcare staff with 24/7/365 appointment scheduling capabilities. Our Scheduler can even be configured to pre-screen vaccination recipients to ensure their eligibility to receive the vaccination.

What’s more, EZnet Scheduler® employs real people, not bots, to provide real-time customer service, including a complimentary setup session to get your Scheduler up and running in just minutes.

EZnet’s history in SaaS goes back more than a decade, when we created many private SaaS applications for the medical and telephone answering service industries. In 2014, our sister company, EZnet Programming Services, Inc. was formed for the marketing and further development of EZnet Scheduler. Our clientele includes many large corporations, state agencies and global business enterprises in 30+ industries.

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